Pat Phillips was born in Lakenheath, England in 1987. Relocating to Louisiana as a young child, he spent his early teenage years painting and photographing boxcars in a small town.  Among the thousands of surfaces he’s scrawled on, he has been featured in Transition Magazine, as well as spoken about his work at Xavier University.  Some of his solo exhibitions include: “Memphis Retrospective” at Nothwesthern State University (Natchitoches, LA), “Uncle Tom’s Watermelon Rebellion of 89” at the Acadiana Center for the Arts (Lafayette, LA), and “Roots” at Antenna gallery (New Orleans, LA). While Phillips has maintained an underground presence within the graffiti subculture for over 10 years, he enjoys the being able to open up a new dialog through his studio work.



My work explores my personal experiences, while correlating ideas between culture and subculture. Touching on social, historical,  and personal concepts, my goal is to engage the viewer through literal subjects and satire.  My objective is not always to equate the seriousness of both issues, but rather using familiar subjects to find common themes to engage our perceptions.